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Friday, July 25, 2008

Zip-Ties Are My Friend

Now that the triplets are way to mobile - i have discovered my new best friend...ZIP-TIES they are great!! I zip-tied the wine cabinet shut at first. But then they discovered how to knock over the wall mounted gate - so I then used zip-ties to gate the super-yard gate to the wall mounted gate...I am quite handy aren't I!! Good thing they have a huge container of zip-ties, I think I'll be using a lot of them in the near future!!

I have a LONG weekend this weekend! I took monday off so I can spend an extra day in Camano!! Ashli & her family are visiting, so that's fun. Oh and I got to see the new car, very fancy ... i likey-likey!!

Have a fantastic to you later!

Erin: Why were the zip-ties removed on Friday?
Cori: LOL I didn't think about it until I after - lol :)

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