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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Interesting Day

got to spend some time with Julia & Alec today and of course my favorite kiddos (). We got to go and do something pretty cool and special, but unfortunantly I cannot talk about it right now!! But I felt very honored to get to be a part of their day! Julia & Alec, I love you guys so very much!!

Since they came into Monroe I dragged them (okay I owed them from Spokane!) Ixtapa, so we went to Ixtapa for lunch - LOVE THAT PLACE! Even if I did eat their yesterday too!! Who can have to much Ixtapa??!

Worked today, Erin came over so we could play in the pool. The weather wasn't nearly as nice as it has been so the water was a bit chilly, but the babies still loved it! Jack LOVES to splash and put his face in the water, what a nut!

Friday tomorrow, hallalujuah (sp!?)!! I am so ready for the weekend!! I am planning on going upto Camano for the weekend to hang out with Julia. I can't wait :)

Julia: Thanks Cori - still crying here - don't know what is wrong with me or why I am so frigging emotional, is it a 'good' sign or is it telling me something different? Sure wish I knew what I was suppose to do, and what will be right for all can sure be so difficult at times! Say some prayers for me! Love you so much! xoxo

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