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Monday, July 14, 2008


Ok don't panic, I'm not seriously going to let my 5 years of schooling to get to nursing school go to waste to become an accountant, but today I got a chance to do some...and it was really fun!! Kim needed helping sorting out her receipts and compiling them into an excel spreadsheet. I'm such a nerd and LOVE that type of things! So I happily sorted reciepts and entered them into word! My OCD had a field day with this project

Oh and the other exciting thing I did...okay not really exciting but big for me was i tried lamb. I don't like meat very much - let alone something 'gross' like lamb. But I gave it ago when Kim bought gyro's for us. It was surprisingly good, I actually enjoyed it!!

Okay, now back to my silly Mystery PI - the Vegas Heist game! Nerdy I know ...

Erin: CORI!! What is she doing to you?? I won't even eat lamb. GET AWAY NOW!!
Julia: WOW - I can't even get you to eat crab! Lamb is the best......second to crab that is! ;)

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