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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Already?

It can't be sunday already? Where did the weekend go?

Alex & I went up to Camano on Friday evening and came home this morning. Went to the Mill Creek Street Fair yesterday...or should I say drove there and tried to wander around! The boys were B-A-D (sorry Julia it was true!). They wanted nothing to do with wandering around, so it was a bit of a wasted trip! Last night we just hung out outside on the patio while the boys ran around. Alex & I played several games of YAHTZEE and that was about the highlight!! MacKenzie is getting so big and energetic - with lots of attitude! She likes to grab cell phones and then throw them, look at you and shake her head 'no no no'.

That's about the highlight of my weekend. Hope you had a good one too :)

Julia: Blah to you Cori!!!! Who would expect 2 - 3year old's to enjoy a street fair especially when it's 85+ degree's outside! Plus, as you should know by now.... we do much better with morning outings not afternoon outings - so that means no sleeping in and being a bum at my house! Blah!!! We love going out and doing things - but when we do we are out the door by 8-9am and home by 2-3 so the boys can whine down before the dinner/bath/bed routine starts! Anyway, I thought you came up here to 'hang-out with us' cuz you missed us and loved the kids.....not to get entertained! You knew that I am wrestling with some huge emotional decisions right now, plus these wretched cramps aren't helping! Sorry, am ranting, but feel you kinda just 'dis'd' your time with us as a waste of time, no fun, etc etc - and it kinda hurt my feelings. Sorry I am not fun & constant entertainment - but you know me, I'm really only all about my babies - they are my life, my fun, my entertainment - and yes they are trying at times - but what 2 -3year olds aren't at times! Even on their worst days I love them to death! I am the luckiest mother in the world to have the babies I do - even if they are throwing temper tantrums! So sorry if your weekend with us was a 'let down'..... I still love you and always will. Forgive my raw emotions....

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