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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get Well Soon Jaime!

Jaime has spent the last 24 hours at Evergreen on their Antipartum floor. She is had a PIC-Line put into her arm so she can get the nutrients she needs to get healthy again. She spent the night last night - but luckily was able to come home tonight.

She came home on her pic-pump which is attached to a backpack. The pump will run for 24hours for now. She will have a home nurse come and help out (not sure how often), but for the most part it is up to her and Zak to clean, change and add 'food' to it.

Since Jaime & Zak have been in the hospital I have been hanging out with Madison. It has been fun, but tiring too! In addition to Madison I've had the triplets and Sophia so a lot to do!!

Thursday tomorrow - yay! So I don't work until 1pm, but that also means its a late night - yuck! Ta-Ta!

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