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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday 1

Tonight I celebrated my birthday - or at least the first one Everyone came to Grandma's for my birthday dinner of tacos (yum), birthday pie (okay my grandma also baked a cake to make Madison happy ) and of course presents!

We had a good time, and I got a lot of great gifts - clothes (always a favorite ), money, a game, a new hair straightener (now I need to work on using it!) and GCs to American Eagle, Gene Juarez (thanks Alex you remembered I wanted a massage!) and Lucy. So I totally scored on the gifts - thank you everyone I love them all!!

Tomorrow the festivities continue and we're going to the Evergreen State Fair (it's suppose to rain on Sunday so we're going tomorrow instead). It should be fun to wander around, play some games & ride rides (or at least watch Madison ride them since I have such a weak stomach ). There's nothing more summer-y then going to the fair!

Then tomorrow night Jaime, Zak, Alex, Brandi & I are going to the Mariners game! I conned my mom into getting us good seats so we are on the first base side 6 rows up!! My mom just rolled her eyes at me and said 'you better hope your dad doesn't find out until after the game'!! Zak later told me that when I left the room my mom told everyone 'hope she knows she'll be paying for parking' - haha mommy, I added a parking pass to the tickets so the parking is on you I totally love my mom ... but now i need to avoid my dad until after he discovers the tickets my mom let me buy!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Julia: Cori~ such a rotten child you are! Didn't I raise you better than that? lol You should be nicer to your mom & dad, they are VERY generous with you.....especially at your AGE! You are getting OLD! ha ha ha
Erin: Did you forget about the great movie I got you??

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