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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Game Night At Work

Tonight I had to work late because Sophia had her 'back to school meet & greet' tonight and Kim & Mark both took her and then went out to dinner afterwords. So the babies and I hung out, fed them dinner, gave them a bath (so I don't have to do it tomorrow - yippee, bathing triplets is very tiring!!), then played again while we waited for them to get home.

They got home around 8pm, we put the babies to bed and as I was getting ready to leave they asked if I'd stay and play a game with them. Me being the board game lover I am, happily agreed. Sophia picked out INGENIOUS, which I had never played before. Oh my gosh, that is the funnest game I have played in a long time! I'd call it a mix between Blokus & Dominos!

We played one slow game with Sophia, then they put her to bed and Kim, Mark & I played again. The second game went much faster so we decided to play one final game. The final game went a lot slower, but still fun! I unfortunatly lost all 3 games I played ...

Game 1: Came in 3rd of 4
Game 2: Came in 2nd of 3
Game 3: Came in 3rd of 3

I love board games, but no one else ever wants to play them with me, so it's fun that they too like games! I can definitely see a re-match in the near future!!

Erin: Sounds like you had fun :)

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