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Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthdays, BBQ, Babies & Brides

Okay, once again I type up my long blog - and hit submit...internet blog is gone....grrrrr, I have the worst luck when it comes to this So let's start all over....
WOW! What a busy weekend, this Labor Day Weekend was!! I feel like I've been on the go since I got off work on Friday night!! The '4 B's' were some of the highlights and big news this past weekend.

Birthdays: Aiden & Connor celebrated their 4th birthday on Saturday and had their Monster Truck Birthday Bash on Sunday! Alex & I came up on Saturday to help Julia get ready for the party! The "girls" got Aiden & Connor a battery powered Jeep for their gift, so Alex & myself spent several hours Saturday afternoon trying to assemble it, with the help of the boys & MacKenzie ! Sunday morning we all got up early and finished the final preperations for the party. Alex & I blew up 85 balloons with helium (I know that's a lot - but in the end we actually wished we had a few more ), hung streamers, balloons, signs & banners around the downstairs & outside area. Julia rented a bouncy house for everyone to play in so that (along with the Jeep) was a big hit with the kids! Julia made another fantastic cupcake cake with Monster Trucks jumping over 2 cars - it was amazing, that girl can sure bake a cake...not to mention throw a birthday party! It should be interesting to see how she tops it with Kenzie's 1st Birthday next month!

BBQ: With today being Labor Day, we had a family BBQ at our house. Leslie & Grace (along with the dogs ) came up yesterday for a few days, so they were here with us too. The weather finally got nice in the late afternoon, so we were able to be outside. We spent most of it watching madison play soccer, play on the climber, chase the dogs & give and receive kisses from them too . Brandi & I also played 4 games of INGENIOUS, and I won 2 of them. After dinner we also played a game of DECOX and that game I came in 2nd of 7 people! Fun Labor Day!

Babies: My cousin Kylee had her son tonight, Payson James Rowe was born around 5:15 this evening. He weighed 7lbs, 15oz and was 19" long! We also found out that Brandon and his wife LouAnne are expecting their second daughter in early December!

Brides: My cousin Jessica (yes there was a lot of Flemmer Family news this evening ) announced that she is engaged and is getting married in January.

Other Random - Non-B's : I have a few extra things to note, but they didn't fit into my title of B's!
- Riverview Schools go back tomorrow - that means SOPHIE IS GONE
- Bellevue Schools are STRIKING - poor poor Brandi
- Thursday - Sunday I am watching the Lee's 5 kids When I agreed several months ago, I never thought it would come, but here it is!

Have a great SHORT week this week!!

Erin: Connect your laptop to your wifi phone!! You will not lose anything that way. You have a great phone with wifi. USE IT!

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