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Monday, September 22, 2008

Gotta Love New Season of Shows!

I love September when all my favorite shows come back!! I'm a big reality TV nerd - so I cannot wait for Survivor & Amazing Race!! But today my FAVORITE show started its new season The Price Is Right!! The Price Is Right began its 37th season today! Holy cow 37 seasons, that is a long has to be a record I'd assume!?

I loved Bob friends said I wanted to marry him (okay so I did ), but I have to say I think I like Drew Carrey better as the host!! He just seems more personable and fun to be around! But Bob Barker has 35 years of PIR behind him, so that still gives him the bestest award! I've heard scary rumors (on sites like that ratings are way down with Drew Carrey as the host and there are talks of cancelling it! OMG they can't do would I go on with my life without it!! That better not be true.....

Tomorrow night I have my first Toys & Togs meeting to go to, can't believe it's that time of year again!! And then on Monday I go back to school....hmmmm....guess you gotta love fall!!

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