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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been A Great Day!

I actually cannot complain today, I had a great day!!

Started out the day with a massage to help my headaches, but who am I kidding I just wanted a massage But apparently my body is oddly twisted so the massage therepist is going to work on straightening my posture and spine. So it should actually help my headaches & lower back pain.

After that I had to go to work, the babies were just getting up from their nap so I fed them lunch and then we went down to the park. The babies are now obsessed with the 'big climber' and Gabbi & Jack even mastered going down the slides!! They were so cute they would work so hard to get on their butt's and positioned appropriately to slide - and no matter how hard they tried they managed to flip on to their tummy's halfway down!! Nate had fun climbing up and down the stairs and trying to get around me to get to the other side of the climber that had the 'drop offs'. Sorry Nate, you're not falling off the climber on my watch!

This evening I went back to the counselor to get a Neurofeedback Session. My therepist was amazed at how well my brain waves looked, even with all the stress that has been going on lately. I left my session feeling even more empowered them when I went in!

Finally, tonight Brandi & I were IMing trying to agree on what to get Mackenzie for her birthday and decided to take a trip to Toys R Us. Erin decided to come along so the 3 of us headed to Toys R Us. I ended up spending way to much money, but we had fun....oh and sorry Julia I'm not telling you what we finally agreed on - you'll just have to wait!!! We went to Red Robin for dessert and then headed back.

The best news of all came this evening when my dad couldn't find my car payment file to see how much longer I had to pay him. He finally just said - when do you think you're done? I told him I am sure I'm done now or close to it. So he said "congratulations it's paid off"!! YAY!! I never thought I would have that car paid off!!!

Thursday tomorrow, hopefully my great days trend will continue!!

Erin: Congrats!! It feels good to finally pay off your car.

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