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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lee's: Day 2 - DONE!

have now successfully finished 2 days with the Lee's ... only today & tomorrow to go!!! Yahoooooo!!

Last Night: We went and rented a couple of movies - the big kids rented The Corpse Bride (it was rated PG - and they SWORE they had seen it before, so I agreed!) and Syd & Elli rented Barbie Fairytopia. We went home and ordered pizza from Dominos (i don't cook ) then everyone watched their movies. I got to watch the Barbie movie (lucky me!) with the little girls and the big kids watched their movie in the playroom. After the movies were over (about 9:30pm all the kids went to bed. So it wasn't bad at all!

Suburban... So I get to use their Suburban this weekend to cart the kids around and last night was the first time I'd driven it. OMG the brakes are horrible and the steering wheel did this odd shaking. Kinda strange...their Suburban isn't nearly as nice as Kim's Navigator or Julia's Yukon!

This Morning: We didn't start on the greatest foot this morning. I woke up to Elli telling me that someone had locked her's & Syd's bedroom door (who has a lock on a 5 & 2yo's door ). I then spent the next 10minutes trying to get Sydney to wake up and unlock the door. The lock on their door is one that requires a real key to open it - so a bow or bobby pin wouldn't pop the lock .

By the time Sydney got up we were running behind. She had 20minutes to eat breakfast and get ready to go to soccer before her ride arrived at 8:45am. We actually were able to be early - so that was a relief! She should be home about 11:15a, Reagan leaves for soccer at 11a and Kennedy at 12a. Guess this is the life of a soccer mom!

This afternoon brings - hanging around for the soccer kids to return, take Syd to a birthday party and try to entertain Elliott! Ugh......someone save me!! But I think we're gonna go to Red Robin for dinner, so that will be nice!! I'll be back tomorrow to post again!!

Erin: Sounds fun! Now you are ready for 5 kids of your own ;)

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