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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lee's: Day 3 - DONE!

Yay, it's officially SUNDAY and I will be done in less then 12hours I am ready to be off this morning the girls have been arguing/fighting like crazy and are driving me crazy!! Since I know you all LOVE reading about my crazy-long weekend babysitting, I'll continue ...

Yesterday: Three of the girls had soccer games, starting with Sydney. Sydney got home about 11:15 and when she got home I loaded her and Elli into the Suburban and we went to my house, the bank and then Pickle Time for lunch. By the time we got home Ross headed out to go hang out with his friends and we had about an hour until Sydney's birthday party.

About 10minutes to 2 we headed out to drop Syd off. I had been told my Cari (their mom) that Syd knew where Renee lived in Millers Homestead, so I didn't grab the address. We enter the neighborhood and I ask Sydney where the house is and she tells me "i don't know"....great just great . I thought i had memorized the house address (turns out I didn't) and we drove down and immediatly saw a HUGE bouncy house. I figured that has to be Renee's party. I jump out and ask a lady standing around and she goes "no this is for the neighborhood block party" and had no idea who Renee was Okay so we head back to their house to get the address - got it - headed back to Miller's Homestead...Take 2. We drive right to Renee's house this time Get Sydney out of the car and head up to the door. Knock...and then find out that the party is NEXT Saturday! How embarressing, at least I could blame it on the parents!

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Since I now had to entertain Sydney & Elliott, I invited Brandi & Maddie over to play in the backyard, jump on the trampoline and climb on the swingset. The three girls had a lot of fun playing together. Madison keep saying "you are my best friend" to the girls! It was nice to have Brandi come over so it wasn't just me !

For dinner we went into Redmond and to Red Robin, Erin met us there for more adult conversation. I sugared all the kids up (guess I forgot I had them all night ) they even got ice cream - see I can be nice The kids all were really good at the resteraunt, I was impressed!

When we got home, we watched movies/tv until bedtime! I had all the kids in bed by 9:30pm on a SATURDAY!!

This Morning: Has been the worst yet...all 4 of the girls have fought/argued/yelled at eachother all morning. They are driving me nuts! Reagan is the worst instiagter of the girls. I'm just happy this didn't start until today, otherwise it could have been a longer weekend then it was!

Kennedy, Reagan & Ross made pancakes for breakfast. In about 45minutes we need to start getting ready for church. All 5 kids need showers/bath's this morning in addition to getting dressed. I can hardly get myself ready on time, let alone me plus 5! So we'll see how it goes!!

Tonight when I get home (YAY!) I'll give you the final report of the weekend!! Until then....

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