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Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 1 .... Almost Done

Here it is 4:43pm on Monday and I am getting closer to being done with my first day back to school!! Chemistry was BORING this morning since all we did was cover the syllabus. I then found out that I HAD TO HAVE close-toed shoes for my lab tonight and was wearing flip flops - so during break I called my mom and asked her to bring me a pair of shoes and some socks. She said she'd rather just send me to the store and she'd pay for a new pair for me then have to drive to campus (I didn't have enough of a break to run home). So off to Freddies I went! I bought a cute pair of sketchers...I'm sure my mom will be thrilled with the price

My second class today was supposed to by my stats lab, but that turned out to be CANCELLED. But I was unaware of it - along witha good portion of the class! So we waited for like 10minutes then left. I later emailed the Prof and he said that he had mentioned it in an email that I hadn't seen yet. Oh well. That left me with a BIG break.... that same break I am still sitting in.

My chemistry lab starts at 5:30 and hopefully it will be quick and easy and I can go home! Not only have is it my first day of school, but thanks to Alex I have a massive cold and just feel icky! So hoping to get out early....

Erin: That's what sisters are for ;) Too bad about your stats class. Why would you cancel the first day??
Cori: It was the stats lab and without any previous lectures it would be hard to do anything! So I guess we just get the week off from lab. My first stats lecture is on thursday.

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