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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bodily Fluids ... OMG TGIF

Can I just say - THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY the past 2 days I have dealt with puke and poop from the triplets (yes, Julia I know your are you gonna be a nurse if you can't deal with it ). Well I dealt with it just fine am just happy it's friday!!

Warning: Graphic PUKE & POOP Stories !

Gabbi yesterday after nap decided to do some 'poop painting' in her crib. It was everywhere. I didn't even quite know where to start. I got the boys changed and took them downstairs to get them out of the room. Then picked Gabbi up and ran to the bathroom with her and dunked her in the tub. Got her all cleaned up then went back to tackle her crib. Had to pull everything apart, take the sheets off, remove the bumper and the crib skirt. Ugh what a mess!

This morning I went to get the kids up and walked in the room to see that Gabbi had thrown we go again I thought. Quickly changed all the kids and brought them downstairs to play. Came up and started stripping the crib and realized that Nate also had thrown-up. So I spent a good 30minutes cleaning up the room, floors and cribs. Finally got it all cleaned up.

Went downstairs to put the kids in their highchairs for breakfast and as I lifted Nate up I almost gagged by the smell of him. He had the nastiest diaper I have ever seen (or smelled!). I once again tried not to puke cleaning him up. A little while later Madison said she 'found something', I went over and realized Nate had gotten poop on the floor. I once again was on my hands and knees cleaning the carpets.

Ugh what a couple of days...the oddest thing was the babies seemed fine - so not quite sure what the puking and pooping was about! Let's just say I'm ready for a few days off!

Amy: I have to give you props. That is really gross! I am so happy i haven't been in that situation.
Erin: Thank you so much for sharing!!

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