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Monday, August 11, 2008

Got Me A Blackberry

I feel so cool now that I got myslf a blackberry!! This phone is awesome, I am totally loving it! I now just need to master the full keyboard for texting while driving I ordered a couple of hardshells off of ebay to try and protect it from myself! I have managed to go 5 days with only dropping it one time - for me that's amazing!

This past weekend my mom and dad went out of town (or 2 towns over) to celebrate my dad's birthday (50 ). So Alex & I spent a few days with Jaime & Zak. We went shopping and then the Mariners game on Saturday night (they lost in the 14th ). Then yesterday Alex & I went to church and then just hung out watching the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics...Alex & I were watching the Synchronized Diving last night and decided - we could do that! Until we realized a couple of things... (1) neither of us is that coordinated (2) neither of us are very graceful divers but other then that we're ready for the Olympics!!

Your so funny!!

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