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Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank-You, Sophia

So I often complain that Sophie can be a bit annoying and demanding - but today she was totally adorable!! She has redeamed herself

This morning as I was walking across the street Sophie met me at the end of her driveway and said "don't go in my room the light & book I am giving you for your birthday are sitting on my bed". LOL guess it's not a surprise!

A little while later while I'm cleaning up after bathtime Sophie comes upstairs and asks me to get her out some wrapping paper so she can wrap my gifts. So I help her get the wrapping paper out and then starts wrapping it on her own. A couple of minutes later I hear "Cori I need help". I go to see with what and she needs me to help her wrap MY PRESENTS. I say "are yo usure you want me to help you wrap my gifts" and she responds with "yes, just try and forget what I got you". I try not to laugh and get to work helping her tape.

As soon as we finish wrapping she goes "okay now you can open it"! I was like "are you sure you want me to open it now" and she goes ....

Sophie: "you can take it home and open it with your family if you want, or you can open it now."
Cori: "What would you rather me do"
Sophie: "open it now!"

So I did...and what a surprise I got I am now the proud owner of a tap light, some lotion and a book that Sophie told me "I don't like this book anymore, so you can have it. I wrote my name in the front of it by accident" How cute is she!! She wandered through her house looking for gifts FOR ME!

When Kim got home that night she gave me my 'real' gift of an adorable shirt from American Eagle and a Visa Gift Card. As I was leaving I asked Sophie "are you sure you want me to take this book home" and she replied with "actually you can leave it here"!

Thank you, Sophia for the very thoughtful gifts!!!

Julia: That's funny - only from the mouths of babe's! :)
Erin: Very cute!! Remind Sophie that my birthday is coming up ;)
Cori: she was talking about how she wants to give you the 2nd tap-light she has :)
Erin: oh goody

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