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Monday, August 10, 2009

Gondola Ride Over Spokane Falls

We got home last night, but before we left we stopped at Riverside Park to let the kids run around before we got in the car. While we were looking for parking I spotted a Gondola Ride, that I thought everyone might enjoy….and they did! So up we went!

We then headed home and began the 5 hour drive back to Seattle. The kids did really well in the car, to entertain myself I played with my camera on my phone and Julia’s. So here are a couple of pictures of MacKenzie that were cute! The boys were to far back to get a picture of!

car A Girl After My Own Heart! All she needed was a Sprite to complete it!

car2 car3
L: MacKenzie actually took a 2 hour nap in the car!
R: She was being a goober and sticking her gummy worm to her face!

Still waiting on pictures from Julia, maybe tonight, but after they dropped me off last night they still had a 1hr15m drive home! So I’m sure they got home and crashed! Not to mention the fact that Julia had to work today!! So stay tuned!

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