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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mini-Golf & Lunch

Zak, Maddie & I went Mini-Golfing at Willows Run Golf Course. It was fun and I got a hole in 1, yes it's true I got a hole in 1. Make sure you ask Zak how many holes in 1 he got...hehehe! However, he did beat me, but still I was the one with the hole in 1! (Can you tell I am happy!). Maddie had never played before, so it was cute to watch her play! She did get one legitimate two, so that was impressive. We then ate lunch at the clubhouse, Maddie was really excited to eat there. We learned when we walked up to it that she thought we were going to Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse! Alex met up with us for lunch and hung out with us for awhile. That was about it for the day!

Still waiting on the Spokane pictures from Julia....oh Julia!!

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