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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wild Waves!

Zak, Alex, Maddie & I ventured down to Wild Waves today and spent the whole day there!  We had so much fun!!  We arrived at about 10:15am and left at 5:30pm!  We road all the rides and played for many hours in the water, even though it was pretty darn cold out!

We started out with the rides as soon as we arrived, we took turns hanging with Maddie while the other two would go ride ‘big’ rides!

The Maddie Rides

DSCN1542DSCN1539DSCN1544 DSCN1558

The BiG(GER) Rides

DSCN1549 DSCN1553
Zak & Alex after riding The Wild Thing rollercoaster back to back!

Madison was scared to ride the Ferris Wheel, so I bribed her with cotton candy to go on it with me.  Turned out to be her favorite ride, and she went on to ride it three times!!
Beautiful self portrait of myself & Maddie ;)

Alex getting her chance to go round and round! 

We also played in the water, but for fear of dropping the camera in the water we didn’t take any pictures!  We plan on going back again before the summer is over and hopefully bringing along a photographer (ahem…Brandi?   Jaime?) who wouldn’t want to go down the water slides. 

But the inner tube ride was the favorite of the three of us.  We road it many times!  I flipped Zak & I once, but apparently Alex & him flipped even worse!  I can’t imagine!  I also jumped off the ‘cliff’ (aka a 10ft rock), and surprised Zak who said I’d never do it!!  I’m sure I looked goofy jumping!!  We played in the wave pool, where Madison would “catch the waves”.  Because it wasn’t to warm out the hot tubs also felt really good!!  So we spent a lot of time in those too!  For some reason the kiddie area of the water park isn’t heated and the water felt like ice cubes should be floating around.  It was FREEZING!  After hanging out in that for awhile the rest of the pools felt really nice!!

What a fun day!  I’m already ready to go back!  Maybe next week!!

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