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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spokane Trip

I took an unexpected trip to Spokane with Julia & the kids on Thursday to visit Julia’s family and the kids’ birth families. We have been going going going since Thursday afternoon when we left. Lets see what have we done…

Thursday: Drove the 5 hours to Spokane arriving right around 8pm. The kids had never stayed at a hotel before so they were super excited, so that was fun! By the time Julia & I got everything organized, unpacked and kids in bed it was almost 11pm.

Friday: Even after going to bed at 11pm, the kids were all up at 5:45am (omg that’s early!). We went out to breakfast at the hotel resteruant around 9am then I hung out with the kids while Julia went out to visit some “friends”. During that time the boys played on my laptop, we wandered around the hotel and then had naptime. Poor Mackenzie had to nap in the bathroom (where I am currently hanging out!). There was just barely enough room to open the pack ‘n play. I had about 3” to squeeze out and then shove Mackenzie in! But that was the only place where we could put her where she’d actually sleep. And she did, for a good 2+ hours.

Julia got home around 1ish, and then we made plans to go visit Ashli (Mackenzie’s birth-mom), Stacie (Mackenzie’s birth-grandmother) and Jackie (Mackenzie’s birth-great grandmother) at Chuck E Cheese. We also met up with Julia’s cousin Dana and her three kids Kaden, Caleb & Kaylynn (try to say those names 3x fast!). Chuck E Cheese was fun, the kids got 1500 tickets, so they actually each got a good prize so that was fun! We really just played games, ate pizza, climbed through the tubes (I had to go rescue Mackenzie) and talked.

We got home around 7pm, and we were all out (me included by about 815pm!

Today (Saturday): Today started off later, the kids didn’t get up until almost 7am, granted I laid around until about 9am! We had breakfast this morning with the twins’ birthfamily, Britney (birth-mom), Charlotte (birth grandma) and then Britney’s kids Ashton, Caydence & Alexander. We had a delicious breakfast and the boys were introduced to the WII and are now hooked I think!! Mackenzie had fun playing with Alexander, they spent a good hour removing, stacking and putting back dvd’s! Naptime followed, once again Mackenzie was shoved in the bathroom, and the rest of us slept (okay I sort of did, Aiden fell asleep but only maybe 30mintues before he was woke up, Julia claims she didn’t sleep, but I think she did and I’m not sure about Connor he was on Julia’s side of the room).

This afternoon we went to Julia’s Aunt Deanna and Uncle David’s house to visit Julia’s family. The have a huge swimming pool with a waterslide!! OMG it was so fun! I went down it a half-dozen times by myself and then took little Mackenzie down it with me twice! The little daredevil loved it … well sort of! We had a yummy bbq and then headed back to the hotel.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m writing this post from the bathroom, sitting on the toilet (no Im NOT using it!) with my laptop on the sink….oh and Julia turned the light off too – so it’s dark! I just went out and checked and everyone is asleep, but Julia – so I’m off to go crawl in bed and watch tv with her.

We’ve taken tons of pictures but they are all on Julia’s camera and her memory card doesn’t fit in my computer, so I have to wait until she gets home and uploads them! So hopefully early next week I’ll be able to post some! But in the meantime, here is a cute video from Chuck E Cheese where she was playing SkeetBall, and cheating just a little bit ;)

Have a great weekend!

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