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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Temple Square

Due today to the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple there was no church, so Grandma wanted to take us all down to Temple Square to see the new Joseph Smith movie.  My mom, Aunt Penny & Aunt Cindy all went up to Idaho to help their Aunt Beverly, so they were gone for the day leaving my dad, sisters, Uncle Gary & David to go with Grandma. 

We only had one car, so we took 2 shifts and went to the closest UTA Trax station and road the train down to temple square.  Here are a couple of pictures that we took on the train!

 DSCN1624 DSCN1626
                 Kelly & Alex                           David…and according to
                                                                     Brittany he never smiles,  
                                                                  so I
was able to surprise him!




Dad & Grandma






Myself & Uncle Gary






Kelly, Alex & Dad



We made it to Temple Square and wandered around the grounds… and of course took some pictures!








 My short self with my tall         Kel, Me, Al & Our Daddy

DSCN1632 DSCN1634
         David & Uncle Gary                             David & Grandma

   DSCN1637 DSCN1638
               My sissy Alex & I                                   Group Shot

Anyway….like I said….the whole reason we went down to Temple Square was to see the Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration movie.  Well, we went to the theater and we had just missed the movie, so we went to lunch and came back to see the 3pm showing.  The missionaries at the front told us it was playing in the downstairs theater, so down we went.  We made it to the theater 15 minutes early (and in Flemmer Family time that’s amazing!) and just waited in the theater for the movie to start. 

The sister missionaries came in to do their introduction and welcome to the movie the Testament.  Grandma immediately puts her hands on her cheeks and says loudly “WHAT” jumps up (as the lights are going down) and storms out of the theater. 

We hear a lot of “blah blah blah blah blah JOSEPH SMITH MOVIE”  loudly!  The whole theater hears (we all cringe) then she comes back in the theater and tells us all loudly “GET UP we’re leaving”.  The rest of us just sit their looking at each other like “maybe if we just sit here she’ll disappear”.  Guess we forgot who we were with….next thing we know she yells “GRAB MY PURSE LETS GO”.  The rest of us hang our heads and start walking out of the theater in shame. 

The poor missionaries were so confused and we heard them say to each other “we lost them already and the movie hasn’t even started yet”.  Poor them!  We did run upstairs and were able to catch the Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration Movie.  It was good, but turns out that most of us had seen it already…oh well.

After the movie ended we headed back to the Trax and home.  Since we only had David’s car to shuttle us between the Trax station and home we once again had to take two trips.  Uncle Gary and Grandma stayed behind and the rest of us went in the first car load.  David drove and we were off…only problem none of really knew how to get back to Grandma’s house.  We all agreed that there was only 2 turns (2.5 miles – Uncle Gary measured it) and figured we could find out way home…umm…yeah…we ended up in Midvale about 7 miles from Grandma’s house. 

Alex remembered that we had a GPS in the car, but we didn’t know Grandma’s address.  Kelly then had the idea to just search the Sandy Library…and wah-lah we made it back.  About the time we got home Grandma was calling to see where we were, she and Gary thought it was hilarious we couldn’t make it 2 turns and 2.5 miles without getting lost.  We thought it was funny that Uncle Gary was stuck with Grandma for more than a half an hour in the blazing sun!!  In typical Cori fashion, a few pictures!

David & Kelly trying to figure out the GPS

”Are you sure we’re going the right way?”

Allie & Dad

What a fun day we had!  We definitely made a lot of memories and have plenty of funny stories to share!!

Oh….one last thing…don’t forget it’s a special day tomorrow for somebody…now who could that be???


Brittany said...

Love it. Thanks for posting to our blog too! You'll have to post about Alex getting sick when the cookie dough hits!

Cori said...

Yeah...look for it in like 4 hours :)

Kylee Rowe said...

Hey Cori!

I love the post! So good to see you, even if it is only in pictures! Love ya!

Erin said...

Too funny. Maybe the other movie was good too.

terryandkrisstewart said...

Okay, I want to know what g-ma was so upset over. I love it when she is in control.. Your blog is so cute. I am glad I found you. I also love the family comments.!!Wow 5 flemmer family members all comment! Pretty impressive.


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