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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the BLACK family goes mini-golfing

yep…the BLACK family…Bob, Linda, Alex, Cori & Kelly Family ventured out together today to go mini-golfing at a course near Grandma’s house.  It was a cute, quaint course, but could use some upkeep it was a bit ghetto…but we still had fun!

DSCN1676  DSCN1679 DSCN1681DSCN1682DSCN1686DSCN1685DSCN1687
L) Kelly after her Hole-In-One

The Girls & Our Mommy

DSCN1666 DSCN1672 DSCN1674

This afternoon, Kelly, Alex & I went with Grandma to the Ronald McDonald House to donate the pop can tops that she had been collecting.  We then went shopping at The Gateway Mall where we wandered around.

Tomorrow is LAGOON, I’m so excited to go :)

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