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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marysville Days

Is it bedtime yet? I'm pooped!! Where to start....

Amy's surgery was yesterday and it was a success. She was discharged last night and is staying with her mom until Friday to recover. In the meantime, I have been busy watching her sweet girlies at her home. Oh and to add to the chaos brought Madison along to play with Camryn.

Madison & I arrived last night around 7:45pm, we picked up the girls and headed to Fred Meyer to pick up a couple staples (sprite & chips lol). Then home to try to get everyone to sleep. Bedtime ended up being around 10:30pm. Jordyn woke up twice during the night to eat around midnight and again around 4am. At the 4am feeding she was wide awake until about 5am. Then the big girls woke up around 6:30am for day...needless to say I was less then thrilled! I managed to keep them in Amy's bed watching cartoons until about 8:00 then we were up for the day. Made Cinnamon rolls for breakfast (thanks to Fred Meyer!) and then we just hung out while Jordyn napped.

Our big plan for the day was to go to Jungle Playland but before we could do that I needed to go to the bank to deposit my paycheck and then get gas. I took a busy exit that had everything under the sun on it EXCEPT a Bank of America...and trust me I looked. After 45minutes of driving around on an empty tank I started to panic (I had no money in my checking account until I deposited my check), I had no option of stopping anywhere because all three kids were asleep in the backseat. I called Jaime and she told me to pull into a parking lot, turn the car off and wait until they woke up.

They finally woke up and I went into a Chase Bank to ask where the nearest BofA was - Alex also helped me get directions to it and talked me through. They told me it was one exit back on this point I was convinced I would run out of gas at anytime, but back into the car we all went and onto the freeway. Thankfully we made it to the bank, I got my check deposited and asked the teller where the nearest gas station was. With my luck it was no where near here, we ended up taking a back road back to the same street I had circled earlier in the day. Made it to the gas station, filled up and we were all set!

By the time we got gas both girls (and I) were hungry so we detoured through McDonalds - not a quick detour it meant getting everyone out and into the McDonalds, order while Jordyn is crying because she is hungry and the girls are yelling at me because we're not at Jungle Playland. Got food, we ate (Maddie had to pee halfway through so off we all trampled to the potty) then we were finally on our way to Jungle Playland.

I wasn't sure how Camryn & Maddie would like it - both of their moms said the same thing pretty much they were unpredictable when it came to if they would play or not! I, however, was determined to get them to play! I dragged Maddie, Camryn happily followed) up to the top of the climber she freaked and ran down. We played in the kiddy area for awhile, then Maddie decided "I want to go down the slides" so up all went down the slides. Maddie loved going down, Camryn not so much, she prefer ed to run around up top. Camryn then wanted to go play in the big blow up obstacle/hide 'n seek course they had. So we headed there.

This thing is one of those contraptions where when you open the door a ton of air goes flying out and it starts to deflate...well you got the picture, both girls FREAKED and went running back to the climber in the other room. Not to long later Madison got brave again and spoke for both her and Camryn that they wanted to go back in the 'windy' room. We went back and they LOVED it! We ran around inside of it chasing each other and play hide 'n seek!! We hung out there for a couple of hours before beginning the journey home.

We got home it was hot, the girls were cranky and hungry so I quickly made dinner. We had popsicles and played outside with the hose before coming in for baths. It's 8:52, this blog post has taken me almost 1-1/2 hours to complete! The kids are all finally asleep, and I'm off to watch some tv (and eat dinner) before hitting the hay myself. Hoping to sleep through the night .... ;)

Addendum: I have LOTS of pictures that were taken today at Jungle Playland, I'll upload them when I get home!

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Amy said...

i can't wait to see the pics.


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