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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seven Peaks Waterpark

DSCN1715All I wanted to do for my birthday here in Salt Lake was to go to a water park.  We originally were going to go to Lagoon, but when we went to Costco to buy the tickets we found out that Seven Peaks Waterpark was cheaper.  So we decided to go there.  We drove the 30minutes to Provo, to find out that it was closed until 4pm.  I was crushed, but we decided we’d come back in a few hours when it opened.  So we went to lunch a The Spaghetti Factory then went down memory lane with mom and Cindy at BYU.  DSCN1690Mom & Cindy posing together in the BYU library

We made it back to Seven Peaks about 10minutes before they opened so I got to be the 2nd person through the gate!

seven peaks2 seven peaks

Mom & I did all the scary waterslides…including the orange one above.  It is a 100ft freefall drop, I’ve never been so scared in my life.  I did it once but don’t think I’ll do it again!

We rented two double inner tubes and had fun going down the slides with those!  They also have a wave pool (where Alex spent most of her time) and a lazy river that we went around in.  Fun!

The best ‘rides’ were the Vortex (aka ‘the toilet bowl’) and the Boomerang a GIANT half-pipe tube ride.  Mom and I went on the Boomerang once, it was fun, but again not sure I’d do it again!

The Boomerang Ride
OMG we survived!!

After riding the Boomerang with Mom, I took Alex on the Vortex.  This ride is fun because you shoot down a water slide, then it drops you into a ‘bowl’ where you go round and round until you get sucked down one more tube.  I was in the front and we were heading down the final tube backwards.  Alex didn’t want to go down backwards so at the last minute she turned it around.  My ankle got caught on the mouth of the tube and twisted as we went down. 

Hurt my ankle and foot real bad, and had to go get ice for it from the First Aid station.  Then had to sit and ice it for awhile and rest.

I didn’t let it stop me and after resting a little while got back up and went on a few more slides…including the Vortex one more time.  But after being on it again for awhile, it really hurt and on our way out I stopped at the First Aid Station again and this time an EMT was there and offered to look at it and tape it up.  My family of course chose to take pictures of it.  Alex, however did get in trouble and was told she wasn’t allowed to…but here I am posting them LOL!

My bruised foot

Looking for the keys…who had them last?

And of course they insisted on pushing me in a wheelchair out to the car…


I had big plans of going back today, but I had a rough night and my foot still hurts this morning so decided it probably was not a good idea! I wish we had a water park like this in Seattle, what  a blast we had!!

GOOD NEWS though, Aunt Penny, Emily & the girls will be here tonight!  I’m so excited!  Tomorrow I head back to Seattle, so I’m hoping my foot is feeling better by then or it could be hard by myself with all my luggage!!

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