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Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Doctors Appointment & Erin and Amy Move

Went to visit my doctor today to get my foot rechecked and I'm happy to report that there is no change to put diagnosis. Dr. K took another set of x-rays, and had the same diagnosis. She did however give me a walking boot, really stylish I know! As ugly as the boot is, it feels so much better it gives a lot more support to both my ankle & my foot, plus I can walk a little bit on it. I still need to adjust the boot to fit me better, it's a little big, so that's my goal tomorrow. The only other thing my doctor said was to rest one more day tomorrow and get used to walking on my foot in the boot awhile, but I should be fine to work on Wednesday.

Speaking of work, I stopped by to talk to Kim about tomorrow so I got to see the kiddos. Jack wouldn't even talk to me, Nate & Gabbi were amazed by my crutches and 'shoe'. The quickly wanted up up up! Jack only became my friend when I said he could come over to my house. Any chance to go to "Coe-i's house (Cori's)" and/or to see "A-yex" (Alex - for those of you who don't read baby!). Gab, Jack & Sophie came over for a cookie, Nate happily stayed behind to bask in the light of only child-dom! He however was happy to see that we brought him a cookie too!

Today, Erin & Amy moved in together in to an apartment in Bothell. The apartment was very nice! Originally (a month ago) my job was to just take Jordyn for the day so they could unpack without her. However, with my foot, I couldn't have her alone because I was unable to pick her up, so Alex helped me! We ended up spending a lot of time at their new apartment. Alex was able to help them move boxes around, I couldn't do much but hang up clothes. Alex & I did manage to put Jordyn's crib together with no instructions (don't worry we did it right, and there were no extra pieces!). Alex & I then took Jordyn with us to my doctors appointment, so the couple hours we were gone they got a lot of unpacking done! They still have a lot to do, but they have a good start and most of the little girls' room is put together so Camryn will be able to play and sleep!

I'm exhausted and my foot hurts from walking (and the boot rubbing, I need to adjust it) and my armpits hurt from the dumb crutches. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel even better then I did today!

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