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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marysville Days – Day 2 *Picture Overload*

Today I completed my two days with Camryn & Jordyn. Erin arrived at Amy’s around 10:30am today to relieve me. It was fun, but I am tired, I don’t know how mom’s do it day in and day out! I can’t wait for my nice quiet empty bed tonight!

The last couple of days I have taken a lot of pictures…I took so many so that Amy & Jaime could see what their girls were up to the last couple of days I had them! We had a lot of fun…but did I mention I’m tired!!

Jungle Playland
If you missed my post last night about Jungle Playland make sure you check it out!

The ball pit was one of the favorite spots!

DSCN1589We road some rides… DSCN1593
Don’t think Jordyn enjoyed it as much as the big girls!


Okay…take 2

They played on the slides

Jordyn took a nap in all the chaos!

Left: Madison on the zip line rings
Right: Camryn hanging out in the giant monkey

Then my favorite part (and Madison’s too) was the “Windy Room” as the girls called it. But basically this darkened blow up thing that is set up in a maze that we ran around chasing and scaring each other ! Yes, I am evil…I enjoyed scaring the little girls!

In each of the following pictures, I hid behind a corner and waited until the girls ran by. I then jumped out and shot the picture! Now don’t get all angry at me … Camryn & Madison thought it was hilarious! They would then turn and run the other direction!


Today…Hanging at Kim’s House
I invited Erin and the girls over to hangout at Kim’s. It was a beautiful day so we filled up the kiddy pool in the front yard and hung out outside all afternoon!

DSCN1594Jordyn enjoying her beverage of choice!

DSCN1599Camryn after she went down the waterslide

Maddie being a weirdo – don’t worry Amy we washed them!

DSCN1616One random cute picture of Nate…I love his smile!

Madison LOVES Sophia’s Corvette, and she has finally mastered how to drive it. So this afternoon she took it out for a little spin around the cul-de-sac. Camryn claimed she was frightened by the noise the car made…I think it was more of Maddie’s driving!

DSCN1602DSCN1603DSCN1606I just love this picture, with the wind whipping through her hair!

DSCN1615Madison trying to take Nate for a spin…but Jack wasn’t going to let them go without him. Gotta love Madison wagging her finger at him to get down!

Tonight I went to Ixtapa with Kim, Patty, the trio, Jaime her girls and Alex. Emma really got into (literally) my rice and beans, she was covered! Oh and then felt like she was a big girl and needed to drink water out of a glass!

DSCN1618DSCN1619 DSCN1620

Wow….that was a lot of pictures!! I work tomorrow, then will come home pack and early Saturday morning we’re leaving for Grandma’s House in Salt Lake City for a week! Lots to do and very little time to do so!

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