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Monday, August 17, 2009

Amy's Hospital Stay - Day 2

Amy has now been in the hospital for over 24-hours and is still just hanging out! If you missed my post from yesterday about Amy's first night in the hospital check out that link.

I arrived to hang out with Amy around 11am today, I'm not sure who Amy was more excited to see me or my laptop that I brought for her to use! Poor Amy was completely cut off from the world, her cell phone died and she didn't have her charger, no computer and the phone in her room was broken and couldn't call out! So she was excited to be able to reconnect. I also stole Alex's cell phone charger, and it fit Amy's phone - so I saved Amy's day - haha!

Not long after I arrived her nurse came in and told her that it was time for her to get out of bed and walk around so she wouldn't get blood clots. Amy was less then thrilled to do so in her lovely hospital attire and attached to her IV stand! But off we went, we looped the 6th for at least 6 times until she was tired and ready to rest again.

Kim and Debbie showed up around noon and brought a collection of magazines for Amy. They stayed and hung out for a couple hours. Poor Amy can't eat anything except for clear liquids and jello until her surgery, so while they were there I headed out for a little while to grab some lunch. When I got back we just hung out watched tv, read magazines and played FARKLE on facebook. Around 4pm we took another tour of the floor and did a few more laps to keep her blood flowing through her legs.

After getting back her nursing assistant came to put her leg cuffs on to help with the blood flow. She wears these cuffs that look like weights around her ankles and then it's attached to a machine that inflates and deflates the cuffs. It was pretty interesting and I was the lucky one who got to attach and un-attach it - okay so I enjoyed it...kinda felt like I was a nurse! Some day!

So Amy's surgery is scheduled for 1:30pm tomorrow. After work tomorrow night I'm heading to her house to watch Camryn & Jordyn until Thursday when Erin will come and take over while Amy's recovering. Sounds like a simple surgery, but still scary, but Amy will do great!! Not to mention feel a whole lot better knowing her pain will never come back again!

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