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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Amy's Hospital Stay - Day 1

I got a call this evening from Erin to let me know that Amy was in the ER at Evergreen. I immediately texted Amy to see what was going on and she informed me the doctors thought she had gall stones and may need to have them removed or possibly her gallbladder. She mentioned that her sister had just gone home to help Debbie with Camryn & Jordyn so she was alone waiting. I told her I was on her way, it's no fun in the ER, especially when you're sitting by yourself!

I arrived at about 7:45pm, and by that time she was back from her ultrasound and was just waiting for results. I'd say it was probably 9pm before the doctor finally came in with the results. Turns out Amy has lots of gall stones, her gallbladder is inflamed and her tests came back abnormal - another words she needed her gallbladder removed pronto. The doctor said she was calling the on-call surgeon right away. Amy and I both immediately figured she'd be going into surgery quickly, so at that point there was a flurry of texts and phone calls flying from both of our phones.

The doctor finally came back and said that the surgeon wanted to wait until the morning to decide when to the surgery, but Amy needed to be admitted. It took another hour and half for her to get an IV of antibiotics and then her 'transfer papers' situated before she was finally moved to the medsurg floor. They transferred her by moving her ER bed all the way to the 6th floor (out the ER, up the elevator and down the hall). I made fun of Amy at this point (sorry Amy!) and told her she looked pretty pathetic! But it was a funny scene!

Amy got situated in her new 'suite' (it does have its own large bathroom) and they took her vitals again (which I learned Amy loves teeheehee, especially getting her blood pressure taken) and got her pain medication pump thingy set-up so she can control her own pain medication. I finally left once Amy was pretty well set-up in her room before I headed home.

According to her nurse, it doesn't sound like she'll have the surgery until Tuesday at the earliest, so it looks like she'll be in for a nice vacation at Evergreen! I promised her if her surgery was on Tuesday, tomorrow I'd bring her whatever food she wanted, because she hasn't been able to eat since 1pm today and can't until she talks to the surgeon in the morning to confirm her surgery won't happen in the morning. Oh...but another perk for not eating for Amy, apparently eating can irritate her gallbladder, so they are recommending she doesn't to keep the pain from coming back. I didn't see her when she was in pain, but she said it was comparable to childbirth and it was so painful she was sobbing and crying in the waiting room while yelling out in pain. I cannot even imagine!

Get Well Soon Amy!!

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