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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Here are a couple of pictures from our flight today. 

DSCN1622Kelly was up all night throwing up , but my mom made her come!  Here she is in the train at Sea-Tac heading to our gate!  Oh and yes, that’s her in a wheelchair, she was so happy I took this picture!!

Once we landed in Salt Lake we sat on the tarmac for quite awhile waiting for our gate to be available, so Alex & I were messing around with the camera on my phone.

 airair2 air3 air5 air4 air6

I love the last picture of Alex….she looks so….so….so… something, not sure what LOL!  Having a blast already and its only day 1…tired and ready for bed though.  We’re going for a walk then off to bed!

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