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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Testimony & Adoption

This morning it was just me from my family at church (Alex went to the Big Rock Ward, where her friend was getting confirmed and my parents are out of town), so I happily was seated just listening and thinking about my pending lesson when I felt the need to bear my testimony. It had been awhile, and I tried to ignore the feeling - but the more I tried the harder it was. I knew I had to get up and say something about what is going on up in Camano with the baby and adoption. (I don't feel comfortable going into detail here right now...maybe later).

I finally got the courage to get up (luckily the new ward is much smaller so it was so intimidating!) and do it. I told the sped up version of the last 2 years and what's going on now, how thankful I am for families, my family, prayer and hope. Felt like I just babbled, but I hope I didn't! When I was done, I sat down and felt much better! Immediately after me someone got up and said "I was that baby". She had been adopted when she was a baby and went onto bear her testimony on adoption and family. It was concluded by one more lady getting up who is trying to adopt right now. The theme for me turned out to be "hope and miracles" - it was a beautiful testimony meeting and I felt the spirit so strongly.

I continue to just pray and send good vibes both to Eastern Washington and up north that what's meant to happen will - that everyone will have peace, and will keep the baby in mind. Rational thoughts and choices will be made and not led by being scared. I hope she can make that choice and do what she knows she needs to do.

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