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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sophia's Birthday Party

Today I went to Sophia's 7th Birthday Party along with Jaime & the girls. We lucked out and the weather was beautiful!! We hung out all afternoon out by the pool and hot tub watching the kids go back and forth between the hot tub & the swimming pool!!

It was really fun to watch the 5 little kids (triplets, Madison & Cody) playing! Jack & Nate refused to go in the water but they had a lot of fun dragging and pushing the floaty-car in and out of the pool! Gabbi was absolutely fearless and would jump in the hot tub and float around in her life jacket! But, oh my gosh...Cody...he is amazing! He is 2.5 and is learning to swim he has absolutely no fear of the water! He was jumping into the deep end of the big pool!! He was really fun to watch! Madison was shy of the water at first, but as long as she wasn't in the 'center' of the pool or hot tub she was happy! The little kids spent 6 hours playing in (or around the water).

Sophia played with them for awhile, but left around 4pm to go with Kim and her friend to see the Jonas Brothers in concert! She was so excited to go it was really cute! The funniest part was she couldn't figure out the right outfit to wear - and she's only 7! She tried 3 different outfits and then had us all vote on them. She was all ready to go until Ava showed up and had a Jonas Brothers shirt on and Sophie went and changed into a matching shirt!

For Sophie, I am taking her to see Miley Cyrus in September along with Brandi & Erin (we think). I was really excited to give her, the gift. So in September we get to head down to the Tacoma Dome to see her Best Of Both Worlds tour! Sophie has to be the only 7 year old who gets to go to both 'major' concerts (if you are a pre-teen) of the year! Lucky Girl!!

Monday tomorrow, hope it's another nice day like it was today! Loving the heat and sunshine!!

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