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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Vaca!! Micro Done!!

I did it - I took my Micro final today, and you know what I feel really good about it! I finally figured out a study method that works for me!! I am at peace with how I did and my results! I believe grades will be out next week, so until then I'm just going to try and relax!! The best news however was I got ... BEST POSTER IN MY LAB!! What does that mean?? I got 20 points extra credit that I really needed!! I worked so hard on that poster (okay Brandi too) and was tearing up when I went to 'receive' my prize!! I'm so proud of myself, I've come a long way!

If you haven't checked out my poster progress check these links out...
#1) Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Poster Project
#2) RSV Poster Done!
#3) Printed My RSV Poster
#4) RSV Poster Unveiling & Presentation

So I am officially on Summer VACATION and soooo happy to be! I started out my summer with a bang and dyed my hair...what color you ask?? You'll have to wait until tomorrow, but then again I will too since I refuse to dry my hair tonight to see the exact color!!

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