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Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick Camano Trip

I went up to Camano on Tuesday night for a quick visit…and I mean quick, I came home Wednesday night :) But this was one trip I wasn’t going to miss! MacKenzie’s birth parents (both of them) were coming to visit. I have met Ashli (birthmom) on several occasions, but this was the first time Joe (birthfather) had actually ever met MacKenzie (she’ll be 2 in September). So I had extra reason for wanting to be there! I missed the first day when they came over, but was able to spend sometime with them on Wednesday when they came back!

munro2 Ashli & MacKenzie

munro2 Joe & MacKenzie

In addition to meeting Ashli & Joe, I went with the boys & Julia to their Vacation Bible School to volunteer. Julia & I were put in charge of the 3rd graders. There were 21 of them and boy were they sassy!! Julia decided she doesn’t want her boys to ever be that old :) I had a lot of fun helping out!

Julia showed me a recent layout she did for Alec for Father’s Day and it had an adorable photo on it of all 3 kids…I asked her to email it to me so I could post it! I also said, feel free to email any other cute picture! I got an email with 91 adorable photos! It was hard to narrow it down to just a couple...but wanted to share how cute (& big) Aiden, Connor & MacKenzie are now!!

munro3 Aiden & MacKenzie (front)
Connor (back)

munro9 munro
Connor MacKenzie

munro7 Aiden

Julia & MacKenzie Julia & Aiden

The Twins (Connor & Aiden)

LOVE this photo!

I had a great time…I am heading back July 7-11th. Alex is supposed to come with me, but looking at the calendar it appears she’ll be having her birthday party a couple of those days. But maybe by then she’ll have her license and can drive up for a few days!!

Thanks again Julia & Alec for having me!! Can’t wait for next month so I can go back and stay a little bit longer!!

1 comment:

Julia said...

We love you Cori! (My oldest Daughter! - ha ha ha)


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