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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alex’s Family Birthday

Tonight we celebrated Alex’s birthday as a family.  She chose homemade pizza for her birthday dinner so we made pizza and hung out enjoying the sunshine!  One cool thing we did was, Grace & Leslie got Alex a piñata as part of their gift, so we had fun whacking and hitting the piñata (okay I just videotaped, but you have me to thank for this video)!  Alex was pretty embarrassed of the whole concept at first (we made her cover her eyes and spin around first), but after a few hits you could tell she was enjoying it!

Some of the pictures of the poor piñata being beaten!


Other than that we did normal birthday things, opened presents, sang “Happy Birthday” and ate cake!  The piñata was definitely the highlight of the party!

1 comment:

brandi said...

Very fun! My hand still sore from missing pinata and hitting the teeter totter bar full speed with the golf club!


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