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Monday, June 29, 2009

From a GREAT day to a CRAPPY (literally) ending!

I’d say 99% of my day was fantastic!!  It started out fun, I met Jaime & Amy and their girls at Lake Tye where Madison & Camryn played in the water.  I have to say it was really breezy out, I was wrapped up in a towel so it wasn’t overly enjoyable for myself, Amy or Jaime – but the girls loved it!  We hung out their for a couple of hours then I went home with Jaime, who put her girls down for a nap then we just rested. 

After naptime, they took me home.  Erin was babysitting for Kim today so I went over to visit.  We played outside until Kim got home about 20minutes later.  We chit-chatted about how the Jonas Brothers concert went (Sophia LOVED it apparently!).  Then we headed to my house to wait for Brandi to get to Duvall. 

Erin had offered to drive Paul Elkins to pick up his car in Renton, so Brandi & I tagged along.  Turns out Paul works right across the street from IKEA, so after we dropped him off we headed over to IKEA to walk around.  IKEA is just a fun place to wander around, Brandi bought 2 boxes of cookies and a pizza cutter (random stuff I tell you) but we had fun browsing! 

After IKEA we went to the Factoria Red Robin where Erin treated us to dinner as a thank-you for driving with her!  I had delicious chili-nachos!  They were amazingly yummy!  We had a great time this evening hanging out!!

However, when I got home I was greeted with CRAP….CAT CRAP.  Yes, one of my lovely cats (ugh) pooped and peed all over my BED!  OMG it was awful!!  I had to first pick up the nasty contents then completely dismantle my cleanly made bed (and the mattress I had laying on the floor that Alex had left their) put as much as I could in the washing machine (probably still have 2 loads) to wash on sanitary which takes 2 hours to clean – I’ll never have my bedding back.  I then bleached and scrubbed my mattress and then had to clean my floor.  Luckily Alex is at camp all week and I can sleep in her room.  What an awful end to a great day!

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Erin said...

"where Erin treated us to dinner as a thank-you for driving with her!" lol lol lol


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