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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jaime’s Birthday Party

*WARNING* Picture Overload!

This afternoon we celebrated Jaime’s 26th birthday (her birthday is actually on Friday, June 12th but they’ll be heading to Vegas so we decided to celebrate it today).   We had decent weather today, it was in the mid-6os, a bit on the cooler side, but with sweatshirts (and blankets for some people) it was tolerable and we spent all afternoon outside.  Jaime scored and got tons of money and gift cards to spend this week for summer clothes before they go to Vegas next weekend! 

We had a lot of fun, Aunt Leslie is in town for the weekend, plus Amy came up with her girls and Erin too, plus the normal crew was here as well to help Jamie celebrate!  In typical Cori fashion I took a ton of picture, and had trouble weeding them out, so this is a VERY picture-y post!  So hope you like pictures…if not…oh well!

Happy Birthday Jaime!  Hope you had a great celebration!!

DSCN1104 Alex, Leslie, Erin & Kelly with the two babies swinging

Emmalee Paul
 DSCN1051 Jaime (and the girls) opening her presents!

Madison’s self portrait…is that good or what!  Plus at the top you can see where she wrote her name … MADD

 DSCN1061 DSCN1063
Left: All the little girls wanted all day was CAKE!
Right: In typical Benson fashion the official cake lighting torching

 DSCN1066 Blow Jaime Blow!
  DSCN1070 The babies!  How sweet are they!! 
(Jordyn on the left & Emma on the right)

Camryn & Maddie get along so well…here they’re playing on the swing set

Now this is funny….

My mom got Madison this huge batting/chipping/soccer net and today for the first time we pulled it out to see what it looked like.  OMG this thing is huge!  It didn’t really get used much today, but putting it away was a chore!  Brandi & I spent a good 10 minutes trying to collapse this monstrosity down to fit in this little bag it came in.  My dad kept yelling at us to just ‘fold it’.  So he finally decided to get up and show us how it’s done…sorta…

He finally (after like 10 minutes) got it to the correct size to fit in the bag when we realized he needed to still put a strap around it to hold it in place.  As he was trying to fold it up the thing sprung open again, almost knocking him over and even chipping is glasses!!  We were all laughing so hard, it was hilarious!! 

Thanks to Brandi for taking these pictures, because I was needed on a couple of occasions to tame the wild beast!

“See guys it wasn’t that hard”

“Oh crap!”

“Let’s try this again”

“Somehow this folds small…I just did it!”

“Maybe if I use my foot to bend it”

“Hmmm…Let’s try sitting on it”

“Cori get over here and help me hold it down”

“We carefully need to put it in the bag”

“Whatever you do KEEP SITTING ON IT”

“Tada…see it wasn’t that hard!”

We did the Susan G. Komen walk today…I’ll post more about that tomorrow!  But it was a lot of fun!!  Lots of pictures to come tomorrow!!

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