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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Splurges & Packing Finale

Ugh, I had already written this once then instead of clicking PUBLISH, I clicked DELETE….very annoying!  So here I go again…


I showered myself with a few more splurges in preparation for the cruise.  All of these I actually needed *shock* so it wasn’t a total splurge, but still fun to buy!

I’ve been in search of a cute modest jean skirt.  Have you looked for one recently?  They are impossible to find, most of them barely cover your butt – not what I was looking for!  So I was excited to find this skirt at The Gap this past weekend!  Perfect for church and the cruise!


I have LOTS of big purses (you know the purses that you can never find anything in?).  Well that’s what I normally use, but I wanted something a bit more sleek for the trip.  I found this COACH wannabee at Target for $15, much better then the $150 price for a real COACH one!



No, I didn’t buy myself a new laptop (remember I fixed my problem by buying a new battery), but I did buy a sleeve to store my laptop in!  My laptop fits securely in the sleeve so I can put it in a bag!


Yep, I bought a new pair of shoes!  I thought I deserved a new pair for the cruise, and my mommy was nice enough to buy them for me!


Packing Finale

Yes, I have completed my packing…it probably didn’t seem like it when I started HERE, but never fear it is done!!


Tomorrow we LEAVE….it’s only been 423 days of waiting!!  I cannot believe it is finally here!!

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