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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 1: At Sea

I’m shocked I am blogging this evening, I’m not feeling so well….Julia, you can laugh at me now!  (inside joke!)  I took some medicine and am going to bed hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better.

As I write this I am really rocking back and forth, it is very choppy water this evening, walking was quite a chore as I wandered around the ship.  Okay now onto the pictures…

DSCN0049I took this self portrait late last night, while messing with my camera and the mirror!

IMG_1413Brandi & I did pottery and made bowls.  I didn’t do so well, infact the man made me start over with a new hunk of clay, luckily the second one looked better! 

DSCN0062It was also our first formal night.  Here are Kelly and Alex hamming it up for the camera!

In the Princess Theater after dinner we saw a funny comedian ,Fred Klett, he was hilarious!

One of my family’s favorite pastimes is playing games and being competetive, so we made sure we jumped in and joined.  Last night we played Trivia with a bunch of people, but more importantly there were two Benson teams, Team Cori & Team Loser (bet you can’t figure out who came up with those names – haha).  Shockingly neither of our teams won, and we tied.  So tonight it was game on….

Jeopardy was the game being played tonight and I’m happy to announce while neither of our teams won, Team Cori beat Team Loser, and that’s all that matters!

Team Cori with their winning money.  Note: meet our new Uncle, sorry i don’t even know his name but he joined our family for Jeopardy!


Madison & Emmalee, I forgot to have your parents write you a note before I blogged, they are out and about enjoying their vacation! 

However, Grandma-Great sends a special message…

I used one of my packed hugs today, thank-you!!”

I also will leave you with this cute picture of your guys’ mom and dad!  Hope you are having fun!  xoxo!



Another sea day tomorrow, and then Tuesday we are in ARUBA!!

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