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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby’s & Beaches

Kim Alvarado had her beautiful baby girl early this morning!  Congratulations Kim and Pedro!  I cannot wait until I get to go and meet her!  Hopefully tomorrow!!

Emilia Alexis Alvarado
Born: February 6, 2010 @ 2:57am
7#11oz, 21 inches

Today, Jaime and I took her girls and the Munro kids upto Jungle Playland and then down to the beach.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL today, Madison actually ran around at the beach in a t-shirt.  She refused to put a coat on!  (Yes, it was that warm!).   We had fun at Jungle Playland and took some photos, but we had a lot more fun at the beach.  Not to mention CHEAPER!

camanobeach15camano14  camanobeachcamanobeach3camanobeach2  Connor took this photo!

Madison took this photo!  It was hilarious, she was like the paparazzi, she was snappin’ like crazy!

camanobeach5camanobeach6 camanobeach7camanobeach10camanobeach8camanobeach9camanobeach12    camanobeach13camanobeach14

Okay, so apparently I went a little ‘click’ happy with MacKenzie & Annika!!  They were so cute playing together today!  Plus I thought some of the photos of them would make a REALLY adorable layout!!

What a fun day we had today!  Like I always say, I can’t wait until I go back again!!


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