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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Makin' A List...and checkin' it twice....

I'm down to just 2 weeks, {2 weeks!!!} until we take off for our cruise!!  It is almost coming to fast (not that I am complaining), but I am in no way ready to go!  I have so much still to do!  So like my title says I'm makin' a list and checkin' it twice, not looking for the naughty or nice, but hoping I don't forget something important at home!!  I haven't made an official list yet, but really should do that tomorrow, but am making progress none-the-less.  Let's see...

  • Purchased a new battery for my laptop so I can blog while I'm gone.  Let's face it, I cannot go 2 weeks without internet access!!

  • Purchased a new screen for Alex's camera after I dropped and broke it!  Figured I'd never live it down if I didn't get it fixed before we left!

  • Bought 2 new pairs of jeans.  One nice evening dressier pair and then a normal everyday pair
I still have a lot to do, like I need to buy sunglasses and a nice jacket to wear, because it gets super cold at night during dinner and the shows.  I cannot enjoy myself if I am cold, so a coat/sweater is a must.  I also need to finish (okay really start) my laundry.  It would be so much easier to just take a trip to the laundrymat like I did HERE, however I need to save money for my trip, so I won't be going this time.  Thinking about bringing some laundry to Kim's tomorrow :-)  Regaurdless it's really time to buckle down and make a list so I don't forget something important!!!

Brandi is trying to make some extra money for the cruise by selling some of her excess scrapbooking paper!  She is more of a scrapbook collector than a actual scrapper :-D So if you are looking for a good deal on some beautiful scrapbooking paper check out her auctions on EBAY and search her username: brafie1

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