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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Okay, lets face it – I really don’t need anything.  Yes it pains me to say those words, but it’s true.  I’m a pretty spoiled person, from other people and we’ll just say I treat myself pretty well also!  With that being said, I have tried hard the last few months to not buy so much, and *gasp* do laundry instead of buying new clothes.  But with the pending cruise, I decided to splurge and buy a few things that I really didn’t need.



First thing I purchased were these delicious heals! 





Then I purchased this adorable coat.  Trust me, it looks 100x better on, then it does on the hanger.  The hanger doesn’t do it justice!




DSCN7463Then tonight, I was complaining to Brandi that I couldn’t find my camera, and really wanted to buy a new one.  Next thing I know she’s at the store asking me which one I want to buy.  So now I’m the proud owner of a new camera and 2gig memory card. 

The last splurge I need to make is on a good pair of sunglasses.  My Grandma (yes my Grandma) just bought an adorable pair of COACH sunglasses, I’m very jealous….but don’t think (as much as I want to) can justify that purchase….


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