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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 8: Costa Rica

All I have to say is Costa Rica is BEAUTIFUL!!  Today was one of our family excursions where EVERYONE went!  We went to the rainforest and had a nature walk (yes me) followed by a tram ride through the rainforest.  The walk was fun, luckily it wasn’t to long or hard.  The tram ride however was absolutely stunning!

DSCN0344Portion of the family on the nature hike, the sticks turned out to be more of props then anything…they were annoying!

DSCN0353I’m trying to remember what animal Jaime was acting out…I think a snake :)

DSCN0366In typical Benson fashion a family gathering isn’t complete without a visit from the paramedics!  Kelly got head exhaustion and ended up not being able to go on the tram.  Luckily she turned out to be fine after some sleep and after her blood pressure went back to normal.

Aaron & Sue in their tram

IMG_1981                         On the tram ride we saw lots of toucans!

Some photos of Costa Rica!

IMG_2025IMG_1935IMG_1937IMG_2020 IMG_2024And of course the token self-portrait of Brandi

After shopping and the excursion we got back just in time for dinner and a friendly game of family feud.  Kelly signed up our family to play and then didn’t end up being chosen to participate but the rest of us did….hmmmmm…

My mommy & daddy at dinner

Our waiter made this napkin person for us.  He folded the napkins and made a person, it was hilarious!!

DSCN0408Alex & I going up against each other in Family Feud…did I mention MY team won??!!


DSCN0384Hi Girls!  Once again I forgot to have your parents write you a message before we went our separate ways for the evening, so I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of your parents that we took today!

The first photo was taken at dinner tonight and the second photo was IMG_2014on the aerial tram this afternoon.  They took Baby Doll with them and wanted to make sure Baby Doll got her picture taken too!

I got you a surprise today so I cannot wait to see you girls and show you!

Love, Cori


We are at sea again tomorrow, I am ready to sleep in!!

this is my 400th post!!

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