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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 4: Cartagena, Columbia

Today didn’t start out to great, woke up to the worlds worst smell.  Our room smelled like a garbage dump, I quickly learned that was just Cartagena.  It was extremely muggy, gross and hot already.  So I wasn’t expecting much when we went into town.  Cartagena turned out to be an absolutely beautiful town!

IMG_1541Did I mention how muggy it was?  Brandi’s camera fogged up immediately, leaving us with this lovely photo!

IMG_1649Later on in the day we tried the picture again!

We were able to rent a cab for $15 for the whole day (per person) and the cab driver stuck with us all day on a private guided tour.  Our cab driver was really nice and showed us all around town!

IMG_1552On our cab ride we saw donkey’s pulling carts!!

We started out by going to a very old fort.  Zak, Jaime & I climbed up to the top of the fort and had fun wandering around the top of the fort!

IMG_1557Brandi in front of the fort

IMG_1562Zak & I posing halfway up the fort

IMG_1570….now at the top!!

After the fort our cab driver took us to Old Town where we walked around and shopped.  Old Town was bustling with lots of people, activity and even a movie being shot right in the middle of the town square!


After we got back to the ship we all imediatly jumped into the pool.  It was so hot today.  We were told that this will probably be the hotest place we stop.  The humidity was unbearable and we later found out that it was only 45% humidity today and tomorrow it’s going to be 66%!  What the?!!  I don’t even know how that could humanly be possible.  Today the humidity felt like at least 150%!

IMG_1657Showing off my Olympic skills…standing on Zak’s shoulders.  Both pools on the ship are very deep, with the ‘shallow’ end being 5ft, 2in!

IMG_1659Kelly chillin’ out by the pool

Alex taking a dip to cool off!

At dinner tonight, Alex was complaining about very high pitch ringing that was going on in the dining room.  I heard it for a few seconds, as did Kelly…but no one else did!  Poor Alex kept having to hold her ears!



 Hi Madison & Emmalee,

Today we were in Cartagena and once again Baby Doll got her picture taken!  Daddy & I had a lot of fun picking up some surprises for you girls!  Here are a couple of pictures we took today!

IMG_1586Mommy & Baby Doll posing in front of a large horse statue!

   IMG_1668Mommy & Daddy posing at dinner tonight!

We miss you both very much!  Love you girls!!


Okay, it’s been a really long day today so I need to get to bed!!  Tomorrow we go through the Panama Canal!  I’m excited to see what all the hype (or lack of) is all about for myself!!  Oh and here is a picture of our cruise ship….


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Deanna said...

Cori, enjoying all your cruise photos to date! Looks like you're having an amazing time! Looking forward to our cruise even more! :)


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