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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Do 2

After getting my hair cut on Saturday, I needed to get it dyed – my rootage was horrendous!  Anyway, I was too cheap to have Sorella’s do it, so I purchased a box from Target and had Alex dye it for me.  This was Alex’s first time EVERY dying hair, let’s just say we both were a bit nervous!

DSCN7494Not quite sure what to think about Alex dying my hair!

DSCN7495Uhhhh….Alex you are scaring me!

DSCN7496Shake, Shake, Shake – Shake, Shake, Shake – Shake that Bottle!

DSCN7497Alex seems to be having too much fun!

DSCN7499Looks like she did a pretty good job with the coverage!

DSCN7502Alex….stop taking self-portraits and get back to my hair!

DSCN7504The worst part of hair-dying is having to wait the 30-minutes before washing it out, so Alex and I played a game of Bananagrams to pass the time.

DSCN7506Then tonight, the after, I think she did a pretty good job!  Granted I didn’t style *gasp* my hair today, I was in triplet-ville where wearing your hair up is the best method!

Thanks again Lexi for dying my hair!  You did a fantastic job on my hair, I LOVE it!!

The countdown continues….   2 cruise

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