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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 5: Panama Canal

Today was the Great Panama Canal – I had heard both “the canal is the most amazing thing ever” and “oh my gosh, it was the most boring thing ever”!  So I wasn’t sure what to expect!  But I have to admit it was pretty cool!!

There was a total of three locks that we went through and it took more than 9 hours to complete!  The canal was built 1913 and is still completely functioning!  Absolutely amazing!!

IMG_1695The locks either opening or closing (not sure) to let the water in causing us to raise and/or lower!

 IMG_1697 IMG_1708
Some shots of the canal worker people and the cute little choo-choo trains that pull the boats through!

IMG_1704Me looking out over the canal!


This is the Centennial Bridge, no idea what its for, but here it is!  Apparently this is the “new” Bridge of America.

There were a lot of people at the Panama Visitors Center watching us go through the final set of locks.

This afternoon I took a little nap, I was exhausted!

Alex looking like the most beautiful person i have ever seen before the show we saw tonight.

Okay I’m to tired to even add my signature to the end of this post! See ya later!

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