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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 7: At Sea

Post #1 @ 1:50pm

Here we are At Sea again.  Once again I woke up early this morning, this time to Jaime knocking on our balcony door to tell us an 8.8 magnitude earthquake had just hit Chile and a Tsunami is heading towards Hawaii where they will be evacuating.  We immediate turned on CNN (one of about 10 miscellaneous channels we get on the ship) to watch the news coverage.  My favorite point was when they showed a map and pointed to Chile and then to Hawaii….uh yah….we’re right smack in between on our little boat floating in the ocean!  However, I later found out that we’re safe, it’s better to be in a boat then on land with earthquakes and tsunami’s.  Still, I was ready to post my last will and testament on Facebook, just in case we went down – lol!

After watching for a while everyone else went to breakfast and I crawled back into bed and slept in until about 10:30am!  Spent a few hours out in the sun and now have returned to my stateroom to watch more CNN and rest.  The rest of the family is going to the Art Auction, but I don’t think I’m going to attend this one, they are kind of boring!

Tonight is another formal night, that means I should probably get in the shower soon since it’s already 2pm.  But in the meantime here are a couple of photos from the sun earlier today.

DSCN0287Zak & Uncle Henry playing Ping Pong.
You might ask “Who is Uncle Henry?” Uncle Henry is our adopted uncle, he joined our family while playing Jeopardy on the first night!  Since then we see Uncle Henry everywhere!  He is a super nice man, who seems to enjoy being our new uncle!

DSCN0282Olympian Michael Phelps….oh wait, I mean Zackery Fields!

DSCN0283Kelly sunbathing and playing with her I-Pod

DSCN0285Alex standing in the water of the Lido Pool

Post #2 @ 10:33pm

Tonight is the second of three formal nights.  Not only was it a formal night but the Captains Circle Party (all passengers who have cruised with Princess before are invited to attend) and we got professional pictures taken…plus of course the photos that were taken at the table by all of us!

DSCN0319Dad, Grandma & Jaime

DSCN0305Kelly deciding what to eat

DSCN0313Brandi & I 


Good Evening Girls!  We miss you lots and hope you are having fun for Erin!!  We got you more surprises today that we cannot wait to share with you guys!  Love, Mommy & Daddy


DSCN0298This is a beautiful photo of the main atrium of the cruise ship!!

Tomorrow we go to Costa Rica and are taking an aerial tram tour of the rainforest!!  I cannot wait, it should be very exciting!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Cori, It sounds like you are having a wonderful time!! I'm enjoying this, living vicariously thru you! Thanks for sharing the details.


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