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Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 6: Panama City

Last night after we went through the Panama Canal, we anchored in Panama City where we stayed until this evening.  This morning we got up early and headed out.  Since we were anchored we took “tenders” (little boats) to the dock.  After getting to the dock we rented a cab and went on a tour of Panama City. 

The first stop we made was back to the Panama Canal, where we visited the Visitors Center and got to watch a ship go through the Canal.  It was really cool!

DSCN0222Alex posing in front of the ship going through the Canal

DSCN0224A great view of the two water levels!!

After visiting the Canal we went on a tour of the Old City.  This was another beautiful town with beautiful buildings and skylines!  We were lucky enough to have a tour where the guide took us to a number of great stops through out the city!

A couple of views of Panama City

Right now I’m watching Julie & Julia in a Movie Under The Stars “production”!  We’re about 20 minutes into the movie and it’s pretty good…kinda funny though that it is blog based and here I am blogging during it – haha!  Anyway, I took these pictures a few seconds ago and the people sitting next to us say “Oh my gosh, lightening!”.  Hehehee they think it’s lightening when it’s really the flash from my camera!

DSCN0277Julie & Julia Under the Stars

DSCN0280Me watching the movie

DSCN0278Aunt Sharon & Alex


Okay, we have another Sea Day tomorrow, so I plan to sleep in!!  YAY!!


Good Evening Madison & Emmalee!  We visited Panama City today and got you girls more surprises today!!  We cannot wait to see you and hope you are having fun with Amy & the girls!!

Love, Mommy & Daddy


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