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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Are You Twins?"

Yesterday we had BEAUTIFUL weather, so the triplets and I took a walk down to the park to meet Alex who was also babysitting.  The boys were playing on the tractor climber and there was an older kid playing on it as well.  Alex and I were hanging a few feet away when we heard the funniest thing....
[boys playing together, in their matching clothes]
Other Boy: "are you guys twins?"
Jack: "nope"
Other Boy: "yes, you are twins!"
Jack: "nope"
Other Boy: "you guys look just alike, you have to be twins"
Jack: "NO!"
The funny thing is, I don't think Jack had any idea what the boy was even talking about when he instisted that they were "twins", or does Jack know he's what a twin or triplet it, let alone that he is a triplet. But reguardless, Jack was insistant that NO THEY WERE NOT TWINS. Alex and I giggled because....well.....Jack was right!!

1 comment:

Still Life With Coffee said...

Cute story Cori. I'm so impressed that you can wrangle so many kids :-)


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