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Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 2: At Sea

Another day at sea today.  I started the morning out by going to a photography class.  I learned a few new tips that I hope will be helpful in taking better pictures.  In a few days is the second session and that’s when I’ll learn more techniques, today was mostly how to use my camera.

Spent the balance of the morning and early afternoon sunbathing out by the pool.  The weather was nice today mid-80*s.  Perfect weather for laying out in the sun.  I got a bit red, but hopefully tomorrow it will be tanned.  I can live with red, if I get some brown!

Kelly, Jaime, Zak & my dad all participated in a drink making contest – Guys again Girls.  No doubt about it…the girls won!  It was hilarious to watch the four of them mixing and shaking the drinks.  I got it all on video so look for it on our cruise video, whenever I get that made!  Christmas?  :-)

That was about the day, we went to dinner tonight and celebrated my parents 25th wedding anniversary (actual date was Feb16).  Then there was really no shows this evening so we went to the casino and now have retired to our rooms for some game playing.

DSCN0078Part of the group sunbathing out by the pool

DSCN0097 Alex & Kelly at dinner

DSCN0108A lovely up close photo of me…ugh i have a big nose :)


Hi Girls, We all took a hug out of our suitcases from you.  It was fun!!  Auntie Branny says “Hi Maddie, Hi Emma”.   Hope you guys are having fun with Camryn, Jordyn and Amy! 

Grandma also talked to Josie who said she received Maddie’s kiss as well!!  We miss you!  

Love, Mommy & Daddy


We arrive in Aruba, early in the morning.  We have an early excursion tomorrow morning.  We’re going to go see a lighthouse and then go to a beach.  It’s only a half-day stop in Aruba, but still fun!! 

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