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Saturday, February 20, 2010

the real DAY ZERO – Embarkation

So according to the cruise ship, today is actually our day zero!  With that being said….HERE WE ARE!  We are on our cruise ship heading to Aruba!

We boarded the ship about 2pm this afternoon and have been having a blast since then!  We really haven’t done anything to exciting, but sit back relax and enjoy each others company!!

DSCN0033Dad posing in front of all the luggage at our hotel

IMG_1347Jaime & I sitting on the bus on our way to the ship!

I just thought this was a really cool photo of the US Coast Guard Boat

This trip is cool because all 5 of our staterooms are right next to eachother and they opened all of our doors on the decks and we can walk between all the rooms freely!  Tonight after we packed we all congregated (yes 12 of us) on Grandma and Alex’s deck. and NO these decks are not big!  We were quite smashed, but it was so much fun!!

IMG_1379  IMG_1369LOL love this photo of my dad!

IMG_1372The whole group minus Brandi who is taking the photos!

My dad and Sue’s half-sister Sharon is also on the cruise with us!  I have only met Aunt Sharon once before I believe so it’s really been fun to get to know her and spend time with her!


Maddie & Emma~ Mommy and Daddy love you guys very much!!


1 comment:

Laura said...

WOOHOOOO! That would be so much fun cruisin' with family like that! Can't wait to hear what you do/where you go in Aruba! I'm down to less than 3 wks til I'm there!!


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